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05 February 2013 @ 02:38 pm
NY p1  
Last 09/01/12, I went to NY!

hwoosh & I planned for it 8 months prior the trip, and I bought tickets as soon as we decided on a date. Since I was paying for my flight, I had to get the really cheap and inconvenient flights haha. I hate connecting flights, even more so when travelling alone. But, poor as I am, I really didn't have a choice.

My flight details:
MLA -> LA -> Boston -> NJ
NJ -> Denver -> LA - > MLA

When I first arrived in LA, I was all uneasy because I had to check my luggage out and back in in 2 hours if I wanted to make my next flight to Boston. After checking-in my luggage, I had to walk around the gates for about 40 minutes because they kept changing the gate #. Same thing happened to my Boston to NJ flight. They changed gates about 4x??? It was cray.

Then I was finally in NJ! hwoosh & I couldn't find each other, but when we eventually did, I gave her a reaaaally tight hug! 2 years worth!

Before I left the Philippines, hwoosh had told me again and again to sleep in the plane because she wasn't going to give me time to rest. I tried, but out of 18 hours in the air, I slept for only about 6. But then again, 6 hours isn't unusual for me, on a normal day, so I figured I could handle it. She first taught me how to commute from NJ to NY, then she showed me where she worked then a little souvenir shopping (already!!).

Lunch at Macy's! <3

Wild ng hair ni koya!

Already an encounter with NYPD, NYFD and a lot of ambulances! Someone fainted and fell on the tracks! D:

Hee! I love these!


Couldn't quite take a nice picture of this building. :/

Few hours later, I was getting pretty tired, we decided to set out for dinner. She proposed we walked, instead of getting on the subway. She assured me it wasn't far and that riding the subway would be a waste of money because it was THAT near.

It was REALLY. FAR. I don't walk EVER in the Philippines and so my legs were on the verge of giving up on me. OH BTW. It wasn't a normal stroll-around-NY kind of walk, it was the intense NYers-are-always-in-a-hurry walk. And Janel was pretty much a full-fledged NYer already, and she showed no mercy to a weak lazy asian girl like me. ;_;

We ate at an extremely fancy restaurant called Ajna bar.

It's a fusion of thai? and french food! Super good food, really pricey though.

After dinner, guess what! The walk back to the train station! I was exhausted! When we arrived at the train station, I couldn't understand half of what hwoosh was telling me. Part of my brain just shut down, and the only activity it was struggling to do was keeping my eyes open. :))

Then finally back to Hwoosh's place! Hwoosh lives in a 3 story house. The first floor of which is used as a day care for little children while the rooms on the 2nd and 3rd floor are for rent. Hwoosh resides in the 3rd floor, and I got to stay in a room right beside her's.

My room was quite cozy and homey, it was a loft room that it didn't have any ceiling lights. Instead, it had several lamps all over that radiated a peaceful orange glow at night. Just one thing, there were a lot of extremely creepy figurines right beside/facing my bed.

Photos took during the day because I'm too scared to do anything at night lol!

I reaaally like the wallpaper!

CREEPY, yeah? It doesn't look too bad from this distance, but if you look closer you'll notice one of the statues is an old, limbless angel that had pure black eyes that looked like it was hovering over the rest of the figurines to watch you while you sleep. I swear, other than my first night, it takes me about an hour of reassuring myself that nothing is going to appear and/or pull my blanket in the middle of night, before I could get to sleep. :))

Even before I arrived, Hwoosh has already asked her landlady if she could hide the creepy figurines. Her landlady refused, telling her how valuable those antiques were.

So anyway!
Hwoosh took me to see the construction of the new Wold Trade Centers.

And to St. Paul's Chapel, which was right beside it.

Flag of Heroes.

Teared up a little when I read letters and dedications. :<

Then more sightseeing afterwards!

Wavy buildingggg~

Ketchup & me!

Yes, I am a tourist. No, we don't have squirrels here.

Hwoosh and I! <3

After dinner, we took a stroll around Times Square. Fun place, lot of mascots that look like stolen Disney characters from China!

Elmo and Mickey slacking off...

..watching this guy. He is amazing!

And then there was this guy.

The next day started out pretty slow. We were supposed to meet with icexeon (who also came to visit, but with her family), but her family had other plans that day, so hwoosh decided to take me to Rockefeller to have a look around. On our way there, we noticed a crowd. Upon asking around, we were told that it was an NFL event for an upcoming game. Uninterested, we continued walking- until we heard an announcer say "Mariah Carey live!". We then ran towards the crowd, made our way through the front row (of the very very very very back ledge) and waited eagerly in our spot. We couldn't see Mariah Carey very well from our spot. We could only catch glimpses of her when she walked along the edge of the stage. Hwoosh was still determined to take a pic, while I gave up and watched her on the screen instead. :(

After Mariah Carey, No Doubt came to the stage and performed their newest song! <3

We tried! ; u ;

A few days later, Hwoosh had to return to work. :(
On some days I'd walk around NYC by myself, meet with Hwoosh during lunch, and pick her up after work. Then shopping! But when I felt I needed to take a break from spending too much, I'd stay at my room and edit photos. Or sometimes, I'd go for walks in the park a bus ride away from home.

And then Sept. 7, 2012!
Hwoosh's 2*th birthday! ;))
icexeon finally agreed to meet and spend the night with us! We started the day going to Madame Tussauds.

After meeting with icexeon for lunch, the 3 of us were off to wherever the wind blew!

Hwoosh took us to see interesting buildings, St. Patrick's cathedral,
the store with a half-naked man, and this really fun toy & candy store!

When the day was almost over, and we were all starving, we decided to have our surprise dinner. Hwoosh wouldn't tell us where we'd be eating, which was weird because it was her birthday- and the birthday celebrant is usually the one who "doesn't know anything". :))

So anyway! She brought us here:

Ninja!! Being the Narutard that she is. 8D

Interesting place and the food was awesome! I just hate that their waiters had to startle you every time they served anything.

And then, more sightseeing for the next few weeks!

Statue of Liberty

Top of the Rock

We also dropped by MET, Museum of Natural History & 9/11 Memorial Park.

2 weeks later was our much anticipated Philly trip! We were originally going with icexeon but because her mom isn't used to letting her daughter wander our some strange country by herself, she didn't let her.

Philly is a beautiful laid-back city with a lot of history. A lot of buildings maintained their original form from long lone time ago.

One thing I didn't like about Philly much is how early everything closes. We arrived at around 3pm, only to find out that everything closes at 5. So our first day there, we spent the day walking around parks and planning our next few days.

The next day, we decided to catch a hop-in hop-off bus and explored our places-to-go options. First place that piqued our interest was the Eastern State Penitentiary.

It was a really chilling place, Hwoosh and I didn't want to go in by ourselves, we waited for other people to enter before us.

The "Eye of God", the only source of light for the prisoners. They wanted to make the prisoners believe they were completely alone. This was to help the prisoners to achieve enlightenment, but instead drove most of them insane.

Al Capone's Cell. Looks so.. classy. :))

Death Row. ; A ;

Part 2 soon. maybe never. :))
chocoboom: chocobo facechocoboom on February 14th, 2013 12:12 am (UTC)
TEE HEE! Parang kelan lang o! :D I miss you gays!~